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Ancient Rust Wild Fae Dress

Ancient Rust Wild Fae Dress

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Handdyed Wildfae Dress - Please note the S, M & L are a shorter length this round but I have left the XL & XXL at the longer length.

Handmade using textured bamboo. Colours may vary slightly but have been dyed in the same batch.

Please note this is a delicate item, it is purposely crumpled & distressed for texture. They're designed to age with each adventure to become storytellers of your realm. How much they show your wild magic chasing depends on how you care for them.

After each gentle wash, they may need some frayed threads trimmed, or not, it is up to you. It is best not to tumble dry, however this can also add texture & volume but must be a very low to no heat cycle.

Your dress, your adventure. Happy magic chasing xx

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